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There are many religious occasions and special events that require a safe and reliable tent. With religious holidays such as Good Friday and Easter, many churches are planning exciting events to celebrate these auspicious occasions. However, with the hustle and bustle of the city, churches often plan events out of the city to avoid the noise and disruption.

Unlike a traditional pole marquee tent (which consists of a roof canopy supported by tall centre poles and tensioned using side lines secured by stakes driven into the ground and smaller side poles), a stretch tent is a ‘free form’ fabric structure erected under tension. The tent itself is a single square or rectangular piece of specialised fabric. The fabric is rigged by pushing poles of various heights into the fabric under tension. The poles are then pegged into place. When the poles are removed, the specialised fabric automatically recovers its original shape. Effectively, this means that a single tent can be rigged in a variety of configurations, depending on the event requirement or venue. This makes stretch tents the most versatile event tent option!

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