It may be a marketing cliché now but Durban really is the warmest place to be in winter. The best part about living or holidaying in Durban is the fact that you get great weather all year round. This lends an air of festivity to even the winter months. Durban’s calendar is usually full of events, parties and festivals around June and July and everyone is in a great mood. Here are some of the key events that are happening around Durban and a few suggestions for some parties of your own to add to the fun.

Ballito Pro Surfing Festival

Most people can’t imagine chilling out at the beach in winter all day and in the evening. Then again these people have probably not experienced a winter in Kwa-Zulu Natal where the weather is temperate and ocean current warm. The Ballito Pro, a surfing festival runs from June 27 – July 9 2018. International and local surfers will compete in the 14 day festival and the vibe is wonderful in the quaint seaside town of Ballito in the North Coast. A beach party around this time is the best so grab your best beach gear and head on down to the coast. If you have a big holiday budget consider hiring a beach house for the festival and a peg and pole tent for a week-long beach party. Your guests can lounge and dine in your tent while enjoying the festival. Pole tents for sale are easy to find at reasonable prices. The festival attracts surfers and enthusiasts from all over the world. The little seaside town of Ballito comes alive as people from all over the world and South Africa flood the town to enjoy the surfing and beachside parties.

Bonitas Comrades Expo and the Comrade’s marathon

If you are a sports enthusiast this is one of the most popular sporting events and sporting expos in the country. It is affiliated with the famous Comrades marathon (hence the name) and draws many comrades athletes as well people who love outdoor activities. Major sporting brands exhibit at the expo and the event takes place from June 7-9, 2018 at the Durban Exhibition Centre. The exhibition precedes the race which is on June 10, 2018. A Comrades party would be ideal around this time. Project the race onto a big screen that you can set up on one end of your tent. You and your guests can cheer the racers for the day. Set up buffet tables with finger food and some buckets with ice and cool drinks for a relaxed sporty affair.

The East Coast Radio House and Garden Show

This show is the ultimate homemakers dream, you get to see all the latest trends in interior and exterior spaces. Celebrate this proudly Durban decor and design show by hosting a cocktail party for friends after attending the show. It will be the perfect time to swop notes and discuss the show.

Durban July

A staple on the Durban social calendar, the Durban July occurs at the beginning of July every year with much fanfare and some seriously interesting hats. It’s all about the fashion with prime companies setting up their own VIP tents for A listers to lounge and dine. Aluminium frame party tents in various sizes are set up along the grounds by different companies to host their guests and treat them with canapes, fashion shows, trendy drinks and socializing. Why not host your own Durban July fashionista afterparty or pre-event party? Invite your guests to indulge in some fine dining while they wear some of their finest threads. Find the perfect venue for your party in any of the wonderful spots around Durban or consider an aluminium frame tent pitched on your lawn for a glamorous evening affair. Aluminium frame tents are perfect because they are open and airy. They do not have any centre poles which allows for unobstructed views and space to set up formal dining and lounging areas. This is why they are called clear span frame tents, they provide a large space that can be glammed up for high-profile events like Durban July parties. These tents can be left once set up for long term use as well as they are highly durable.   There are plenty aluminium tents for sale in South Africa that will be suitable for an extravaganza, you can even look for a glass tent for sale for a night under the stars. Frame tents prices are quite competitive. If you can find a good secondhand tent for sale you can purchase a frame tents kit and set up your frame tent at a very reasonable price.

The KZN Military Tattoo

Every year the SANDF hosts the KZN Military Tattoo in July to showcase the best of military culture and music. If you plan on attending take your experience further and host a military themed party around this time. You can ask guests to attend in military gear and screen some famous military movies as entertainment. For more information consult the SANDF website.

The Holiday Braai

Finally, while this is not a high profile Durban event it simply cannot be left out of this list. What is a South African holiday period without a good old fashion braai. All South Africans know that we don’t need an excuse for some pap and vleis anyway. The advantage of hosting a braai to entertain guests is that it is easy entertaining. Most people will bring along a salad or side and you just need to take care of the venue, meat and drinks! So get your guest list together and let people know a few weeks in advance about your braai. It is best to hire or purchase a tent if you have a large guest list that cannot be accommodated inside should bad weather prevail. Pole tents work very well for braais and casual events and are very budget friendly. The larger peg and pole tents can easily fit casual seating arrangements, buffet tables and impromptu dance/socializing areas. It is not necessary to use a framed tent unless you are planning a more glamourous braai. There is a difference between the two obviously, but aluminium frame tents are more expensive and therefore are more often used for larger formal functions. Pole tents have peaks and poles through the middle which does restrict space usage if you need to set up formal dining. They are ideal to use for small events however. Frame tents have an aluminium or steel structured frame (imagine a life-size 4d sketch of the framework of a house made with aluminium) that custom made tarp or canvas is placed over. Frame tents are ideal for pitching on concrete or ground. Pole tents cannot be erected on concrete as they need to be staked into the ground.

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